What defines creativity?

There are 3 core elements: Expertise, Motivation, Creative Thinking

Expertise can be technical, procedural, intellectual, or knowledge-based. It allows you to know what has been done before, where boundaries exist, what may work, and what is useful.

Motivation is self-explanatory and comes in two flavors. Intrinsic versus Extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation is what drives certain people to take action more so than others. It makes up your ability to overcome obstacles, to continue after failure, to work hard.

Creative Thinking is what prompts you to ask why – to challenge the automated scripts that we create through habit and assumption that leads to ‘thinking to soon’. People with strong creative thinking skills spend more time contemplating and looking at life through multiple perspectives and empathetic lenses.

To boost your creativity it is extremely difficult to increase your expertise and motivation without investing a lot of time and energy. But strengthening your creative thinking skills is simple to do.

A few common approaches: Jumping between left and right brain thinking to overcome your natural tendencies to be analytical or emotional. Morning Sloth is on a mission to help people creatively think, because we believe it’s critical.